We are passionate about building great software products. Software that's user-friendly, intuitive, and helps you get things done. We find it important to provide personal & helpful customer support. Feel free to drop us a line at (we reply fast!). Our flagship product:

Dream up your own intranet site with drag & drop and work better together with colleagues and clients.

Papyrs is a simple online intranet and company wiki. Every organization has just too many documents, ideas, discussions, files, etc. that’s just too easy to lose track of. With Papyrs you can put all your information in one place. It's an internal website for your company. Share information, discussions, news and online forms with your colleagues and clients. Customize it the way you want, no technical knowledge required: it's all drag& drop. Papyrs is also an organizational social network for your organization. Read more about Papyrs. You can also read more about Why we created Papyrs.

Companies all over the world use Papyrs as their intranet site. Give it a try!

Our Story

Stunf was founded in the summer of 2007. In late 2008 we launched Thymer, a small task management app (invite only), which has subsequently received many positive reviews. In January of 2010 we announced our main product Papyrs, which also got favorable reviews by the press. Papyrs launched commercially in January of 2012. More companies are signing up every day, and we're continuously working on making Papyrs the easiest intranet out there!

Stunf is profitable and growing, and wholly owned by the founders.

Our Mission

We want to build great, high quality, and affordable software that makes our users happy and more productive.

Too many people have to work with frustrating and boring software every day. They see all the innovation happening in the apps on their phones and consumer sites on the web. For some reason though, their business software is still so hard to use you need an IT department to set it up. When designing our software, we have a strong focus on user-friendliness and design: we want to empower you to do your work faster and make it more fun.

Good support is part of the product. We all have our bad experiences with support that never replies, simply refers you back to the website with an auto-reply or tells you the expensive contract cannot be cancelled because you didn't read the fine print. We believe helpful and personal support is part of what makes a product great.

The Founders


Diederik van Houten

With a MSc in Computer Science and a decade of Linux experience Diederik has a strong technical background. He has been involved with web startups since 2001 and has wanted to start his own business from an early age.


Wim Cools

Wim has a MSc in Embedded Systems and wrote an award-winning computer operating system while in high school. Wim has always had an eye for graphical design, which makes him one of the few people who can both write software and design.

The team is powered by griotten. Unhealthily so.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or just want to drop us a line, dont hesitate to do so! The easiest way to contact us is by email ( Suggestions, sales inquiries, customer support, or anything else: wed love to hear from you.

We are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Europe.

Follow us on twitter! (@stunf).

Company details

Stunf B.V.
Lichttoren 32
5611 BJ, Eindhoven
The Netherlands
VAT#: NL856777249B01
KvK: #66973686 (Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)


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